Garmin Approach S20 Review

Buying gifts for your father may be a bit confusing as they don’t express much. Furthermore, fathers are happy with whatever comes from their children. But here is our recommendation that you can look for while selecting one. Garmin Approach S20 is a pocket-friendly, high-performing watch that your father would love. 

However, if you are wondering if it would be a worthy purchase, then this article will help you with your decision.

It’s been six years since this sports watch was launched back in February 2016, and it is still a top-notch competition for many in the industry. Furthermore, after the S60, Garmin Approach S20 is a better successor costing almost half the Garmin S60. In terms of GPS watches, Garmin is a household name. Moreover, it is evident that they make fantastic golf GPS watches. They use the most cutting-edge technology every year to keep one step ahead of the competition or improve on previously successful ideas. 

Henceforth, here’s a breakdown of several aspects of the Approach S20 for comprehensive understanding.


Technically, if you compare the designs of the present and six years back then, significant evolutions have happened. Thus, Garmin Approach S20 doesn’t please the eyes that much. Furthermore, characterizing its design, it has a flat square casing and punctured silicon bands, which is a little obsolete. However, the Garmin Approach S20 Golf Smartwatch has a tang buckle, which makes it relatively easy to put on and take off. Therefore, your father may like it for ease of use. 

Additionally, it weighs around 1.5 ounces making it one of the lightest sports wearables. Moreover, the monochrome LCD 128 by 128 display takes on an outdated aspect, giving it the illusion of the Apple watch. Plus, it comes in various hues and styles. It also has a retro feel despite the high contrast and pixelated screen. Garmin Approach S20 doesn’t have a touch screen; thus, button practice would make things a lot simpler for you. Henceforth, there won’t be any fingerprint smudges or dirt and debris to keep it always clean, spotless, and readable.

Golf Features

Now we are at the key aspect of the Garmin Approach S20. This wearable tech is primarily created for golfing and sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, the watch has access to more than 40,000 golf courses worldwide. Additionally, as soon as a round starts, its GPS automatically begins locating the closest golf course. Moreover, it enables you to choose the best place based on your needs and a wealth of information. You can even gather the distance data knowing how far you are from the golf course’s front, middle, and back while standing on each hole.

For a complete understanding of how to use it, please refer to the user manual that comes with it. Otherwise, it will be difficult to understand the route map and hazard warnings while deciphering the icons. For specific use, you can download the Garmin Golf app, available on both Android and iOS smartphones. Apart from that, you can get Garmin Connect App on your smartphones. Another spectacular feature is that the map in your application can show where the risks are and what they are.

For example, whether you are working with sand or a sand trap. Garmin’s AutoShot technology is also included in the Garmin Approach, allowing you to take a shot and track a short distance based on your wrist movement. In addition, you may use the Garmin Golf app to match your shot distance and frequency.

Fitness & Health Features

It goes without saying that the Gramin is the house of impeccable fitness wearables. Thus, you can access and utilize those attributes using the Garmin Connect application. To keep track of your health and fitness, download the app if you don’t want to use it as a golf sports watch. Additionally, you can add functions like an odometer, heart rate monitor, and timer to the S20 through Garmin Connect, transforming it into a smart fitness accessory. Moreover, it meets the requirement for water resistance at depths of up to 50 meters. So even after wearing it, you can take a bath. Plus, you get sleep-tracking functions as an additional benefit.

Battery Life

One of the key considerations when purchasing a smart device is understanding the battery’s lifespan. The Approach S20 has a battery life of up to 15 hours, so purchasing it would be a good investment. Additionally, the battery may operate continuously in GPS mode for up to 15 hours. However, if you don’t utilize the GPS mode, it can operate without issue for up to eight weeks as a fitness band.

Price and Value

When you get several things at the price of one, it truly becomes a delightful purchase. Furthermore, obtaining these specifications at a reasonable price range appears impossible. However, the Garmin Approach S20’s accessibility and cost have made this possible. As you can see, the pricing is affordable at only $200 when combined with a Garmin Connect activity tracker. Additionally, its $200 price range, ease of accessibility, and superior quality make it the greatest and excellent. If you evaluate it against other golf watches on the market.

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